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Bill Gray's own book, Know Your Magnetic Field, that he wrote / dictated to a nurse:
To the left is a paperback edition;
to the right is a hardcover edition.
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They say this book was published in 1947. Being sold for around $40.00.
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Wireless Kindle versions of Know Your Magnetic Field by William E. Gray

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  Bill Gray as "Mr. A" in Ruth Montgomery's Born To Heal and A Search For The Truth

Born to Heal is undoubtly the most well known of any book regarding the amazing ability of Bill Gray.

A Search For The Truth has an entire chapter called The Ancient Wisdom, dedicated to Bill Gray. In the preface of this book, it is revealed that Mr. A is actually Bill Gray and that he has "...recently passed on to the next phase of eternal life. "

Other books where Bill Gray is mentioned
  In Infinite Grace: Where the Worlds of Science and Spiritual Healing Meet, the author, Diane Goldner, interviewed Rosalyn Bruyere, a healer, who says she was mentored by Bill Gray before he passed away in the 1970's.
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